Re-aligning the team for defensive play

OK: we can’t hit.  so let’s reset the team for defensive play.

Left field: Matt Joyce
Center field: Grandy
Right Field: Maggs
3b: Inge/Guillen
SS: Santiago
2b: Poly
1b: Hessman
DH Guillen
c Pudge/Inge


Take the hike, Chuck

across the board Tigers’ starting pitchers are down in the dump. who has a common affect on the whole staff?  the pitching coach.  take a hike buddy

Facing Reality

The Pitching Staff is doing fine, in spite of all the complaining.

and no, you CANNOT expect your starter to go 7.  5, more likely and Max = 100 pitches.  when control starts to slip time to call in help

Defense wins games.  at 3d base, in left field and all around.

Inge should be at 3b.

and guess what: Santiago may be better at SS

2b Poly of course, and 1b Cab

CF Grandy, and RF Mags, let Matt Joyce play LF.  we need a LF with capability like Grandy let’s see if Matt can step into that role

Guillen is DH then and Sheffy, well, a coaching job might open up

let’s see how Galarragia does against Boston, he might just be the guy to step in for Kenny.

but it’s time to start putting some thought into the line up

Leyland def Tigers in 6th as usual

It ain’t the same old baseball it was when we was kids.  the game has been skrunched to appease the immediate action crowd that can’t go even 1 minute without their adrenalin hit.

it ain’t right

but at’s the way it is.  low mound, DH, tight strike zone, you know the routine.  and it all adds up to wrecking the game of baseball: the pitcher is asked to throw batting practice so the action gang can always have at least 1 ball in the air at all times.

that ain’t baseball

and it ain’t baseball to have to yank the pitcher after 5 innings because he’s already thrown 100 pitches dead over the plate for the picky hitters to pick over, foul off and slam out over the scoreboard

well, there ain’t nothin’ i can do about it.  ‘cept gripe a little.  guess that’s why we have blogs these days.  that’s All Good

but it’s time to start looking at using 2 starters/game @ 4 innings each, + closer.  either that or plan on the bullpen pitching innings 6-9 every night.  it’s the way it is

but it ain’t the way it Should Be